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Huntsville, Alabama's Local Real Estate Valuation Source

Needing a professional real estate appraisal? Contact Valley Appraisal Services today or place your order online.

As licensed appraisers, we possess the comprehensive training and credentials to give you the type of reliable real estate value opinions that banks and national lending institutions need for home loans.  And with years of experience under our belt, we're more than ready to accept assignments pertaining to anything from starter homes to the most luxurious new construction.

Going beyond home buying or selling, we can also assist you with:
 Contact Valley Appraisal Services for your Madison appraisal needs.

• Setting a home's listing price

• Removing PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

• Valuations for bankruptcy, divorce and other court purposes

• Reinstating a HELOC
(Home Equity Line of Credit)

• Tax Challenges (reducing real estate taxes)

• Assessing present or past market value

Technology plays a high profile role in how Valley Appraisal Services does business. It helps keep prices competitive while maintaining high quality and service. And first and foremost, we value the importance of customer service. You'll be shown the utmost courtesy in all aspects of working and communicating with Valley Appraisal Services. Ultimately, what it comes down to is simply the best possible experience for our customers. Call Valley Appraisal Services. We guarantee you'll see the difference, too.