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菠菜担保网预科菠菜担保网的精神是菠菜担保网学生体验的核心-菠菜担保网希望你在大一开始之前就感觉自己是狼群的一员.  We offer academic courses, athletic and other co-curricular camps, and the Wolfpack Welcome, a summer orientation for incoming freshmen.  Join the Pack this summer!

Summer Academic Courses for Incoming Freshmen

Prep Courses
圣依纳爵预科学院提供了几门课程,旨在为即将入学的新生准备严格的第一年课程.  在菠菜担保网注册的新生有资格注册大学预科阅读, Grammar and Writing, Algebra 1 Prep, and Science Prep.  These courses will run during Session 1 (June 12 to June 30; no class on June 19) and Session 2 (July 10 to July 28).

Credit-earning Courses
数量有限的空间将提供给即将入学的新生学习一学期的艺术概论, Introduction to Music, or Total Wellness 1 course over the summer. These graded, credited, 2 hour, six week courses begin on June 12 and conclude on July 28. Students will have the week of July 3 off. There is a separate fee for each course. In the Total Wellness course, preference will be given to freshman students enrolled in a year long Band, Orchestra, or Choir course. For detailed information on topics covered in each course, please consult the Curriculum Guide posted online.

Athletic and Co-Curricular Camps for Incoming Freshmen
夏季课程安排是这样设计的,新生可以在上午学习学术课程,下午参加体育或其他课外活动.  Please check out Athletic Camps and Co-Curricular Camps for more information.

Wolfpack Welcome – Summer Orientation 
 Facilitated by school administration, faculty members, and rising Saint Ignatius seniors, 狼群欢迎旨在帮助圣依纳爵菠菜担保网的最新成员在学习学校传统的同时适应菠菜担保网, meeting new classmates, and becoming acquainted with the WOLFPACK schedule and school buildings. 
强烈鼓励所有即将入学的新生在7月17日或24日那一周报名参加为期三天的上午或下午的课程, 2023.  注册和课程细节将于今年春天晚些时候发放给所有2027届家庭.

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  • Algebra 1 Prep

    这个为期三周的课程在夏季学期为即将入学的新生和复习算术主题提供, including fractions and decimals. The course also introduces the proper use of the scientific calculator, the use of variables in problem-solving, signed numbers and graphing on a coordinate plane. Additional lessons on note-taking and reading a mathematics textbook are included. 这门课程对所有大一新生开放,但特别推荐那些入学考试成绩表明他们可能需要在大一前进一步准备的学生. 这是一门非学分课程,不取代常规学年的代数课程.

    This course will be offered from 8:00 am - 10:00 am or 10:00 am - 12:00 pm during Session 1 (June 12 - June 30; no class on June 19) or Session 2 (July 10 - July 28).  Tuition is $300.
  • Algebra 1 Survey

    Eligibility for this course is by MATH DEPARTMENT INVITATION ONLY.

    这个为期六周的课程是由数学系邀请向那些即将入学的新生开放的,这些新生被数学系指定为即将获得几何荣誉,但缺乏一些代数技能或理解. After the Math Placement Exam, students will be notified
    if they have been selected to take this course. 任何选修这门课程的学生都必须获得B+或更高的成绩,才能在大一获得几何荣誉课程. If a student is invited to take the course but chooses not to do so, the student will be placed in Algebra 1 for freshman year. 根据学生在数学分科考试中的成绩,菠菜担保网将邀请他们参加这门课程.

    本课程将于6月12日至7月28日共六周,上午8:00至10:00上课(6月19日或7月3日至7日这周没有课)。.  Tuition is $650.
  • College Prep Reading, Grammar and Writing

    这个为期三周的课程在每个夏季课程期间提供,将提高新生的语言技能, especially in the areas of reading, grammar, punctuation, usage, writing, speaking and vocabulary. The course will include outlining; specialized reading skills and strategies for various disciplines (literature, history, language); and skills pertinent to the study of foreign languages. While the course is open to all freshmen, 特别推荐那些入学考试成绩表明他们在大一之前可能需要进一步准备的学生. 这是一门非学分课程,不能取代普通学年的英语1课程.

    This course will be offered from 8:00 am - 10:00 am or 10:00 am - 12:00 pm during Session 1 (June 12 - June 30; no class on June 19) or Session 2 (July 10 - July 28).  Tuition is $300.
  • Introduction to Art

    这个为期六周的课程为即将入学的新生完成一个学期的美术学分. 艺术概论教授学生的技能,技术和各种制作艺术的过程. Students will be introduced to a variety of materials such as: pencil, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, ink, watercolor, and clay. Students are taught the formal elements of drawing; line, space, value, color, form/shape, texture, and composition as well as the formal elements of sculpture. Even though this class is skill based, this is a class that most importantly focuses on building confidence in art making.

    该课程将于6月12日至7月28日的六周时间内上午8:00 - 10:00或上午10:00 - 12:00上课,6月19日或7月3日至7月7日这周不上课.  Tuition is $650.
  • Introduction to Music

    这个为期六周的课程为即将入学的新生完成一个学期的美术学分. Students will develop music theory skills, historical knowledge, and an understanding and appreciation of music. Students will learn to play the guitar. Music theory will be applied through composition and guitar performances.

    该课程将于6月12日至7月28日的六周时间内上午8:00 - 10:00或上午10:00 - 12:00上课,6月19日或7月3日至7月7日这周不上课.  Tuition is $650.
  • Science Prep

    This three-week course is a non-credit, 不评分的选择,新生谁想要额外准备的物理课程,他们将作为新生. 本课程是为学生谁正在寻求发展技能,将用于他们未来的科学课程在圣依纳爵. 本课程将侧重于实验设计和使用数据来理解自然现象. 学生将熟悉游标iPad应用程序,并在收集和分析数据时进行验证.

    This course will be offered from 8:00 am – 10:00 am or 10:00 am - 12:00 pm during Session 1 (June 12 - June 30; no class on June 19) and Session 2 (July 10 - July 28).  Tuition is $300.
  • Total Wellness 1

    这个为期六周的学分制暑期课程满足了所有大一新生一学期的全面健康要求,重点是健身训练和教育学生当前的健康问题. Preference will be given to students who are enrolled in a year-long Fine Arts course. 该课程的目标是教育学生如何在健身房进行正确的训练,并评估有氧和无氧的发展. 在课堂环境中,重点是体育精神和团队精神,以及青少年应该学习和了解的各种健康问题的相关信息. Students will be involved in aerobic and anaerobic training, weight room activities, team/individual games, and health education.

    本课程将于6月12日至7月28日上午8:00 - 10:00或上午10:00 - 12:00上课,6月19日或7月3日至7日这周不上课.  Tuition is $650.
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