大三期间, students are offered many opportunities to 反映 on their journey of faith as disciples of Jesus Christ – a journey of faith, 服务, 学习与成长. 少年班牧师,女士. 蒂芙尼Swann-Covington, will accompany during this year of emerging leadership and faith development.
作为上层阶级的学生, 许多三年级学生开始在俱乐部担任领导角色, 体育, 和撤退. 在他们的宗教研究课程"人类形象"中, 他们探索人性的大问题, 道德理论, 以及对他们日常生活的实际影响. 关于少年静修, 《菠菜担保网》, 学生有机会在对话中分享, 活动, and 祈祷er with classmates and retreat leaders as they 反映 on their journey through high school. 随着他们对门徒的理解加深, they have the opportunity to imitate Christ through their 服务 to the poor and 被边缘化的. 在春天, juniors and their families gather for the 初级 Family Liturgy to celebrate their journey at Saint Ignatius and bless their class rings.


  • 三年级礼拜仪式


    少年家庭主日礼拜, 4月23日, 2023 at noon in Holy Family Church will be an opportunity for juniors and their families to join together in celebration of their relationships with classmates, 他们家人的支持, 以及他们信仰基督的旅程.

    初级s plan all aspects of the liturgy and serve as lectors, 圣体的部长, 迎宾员和送礼员. 在礼拜仪式上, the class rings are blessed as a symbol of their time and growth at 菠菜担保网. Class rings will be distributed at the reception in the Tully Hall hosted by the 父母 Organization which follows the liturgy.
  • 初级撤退

    青年静修, 《菠菜担保网》, is an overnight retreat directed by our 初级 Class Chaplain and facilitated by a team of Youth Ministers from various parishes from around the Archdiocese of Chicago. It takes place at the La Salle Manor Retreat Center in Plano and the 洛约拉大学生态校园 in 伍德斯托克, IL.  初级撤退 complements the junior religion classes with two full days of personal 祈祷er, 组反射, 菠菜担保网建设, 庆祝圣餐与和解. 的 juniors have time for private 反映ion and 祈祷er, 以及讨论和分享关注和希望. Just as private 祈祷er is a special way of encountering God, so is time for sharing. 以这种特殊的方式, the “Word of God” is being formulated and spoken through some of God’s greatest creations – your sons and daughters.
  • 领导力培训

    初级s serve as leaders in many different settings within the SICP community: 体育, 撤退的团队, 课外俱乐部和活动. 的 学生伊格纳爵领导力研讨会(SILS) is a three-day workshop designed to prepare students who have been called to serve as Ignatian leaders by increasing their understanding of Christian principles, 加深他们的伊格纳爵精神, 提高他们的领导能力. Ms. Maureen Lonergan, Director of Student 活动, coordinates the SILS program.
  • 初级凯洛

    A general overview of the Kairos Program can be found on the 高级 Formation & 部页面. 因为菠菜担保网的凯洛斯项目空间有限, juniors are strongly encouraged to inquire about this early spiritual opportunity.

    Kairos 181 is open only to members of the Class of 2024 and is scheduled for June 2-5, 2023.  
  • 夏季沉浸式旅行

    菠菜担保网 returned to in-person trips this past summer. 站点的位置从芝加哥延伸到新奥尔良, 新泽西, 亚利桑那州和墨西哥的边界, 和洛杉矶. 的 初级 and 高级 Class Chaplains will collaborate at a fall class assembly to inform and recruit students for the Summer 2023 Immersion trips and to distribute application materials. For more information, please feel welcome to contact the 高级 Class Chaplain at ed.nunez@appraiserhuntsvillealabama.com.
  • 依纳爵义工团

    基于正义的信念, this co-curricular 服务 organization limits its general membership to students in the junior and senior classes. 由初级/高级执行委员会协助, IVC members 反映 on and 祈祷 about how our Catholic/Christian faith inspires, motivates and sustains our call to be Men and Women for Others beyond our Freshman and 二年级学生 服务 commitment. 这些正在进行的服务包括:
    • Hosting the Halloween Party, an outreach to neighborhood youth, featuring a haunted house and games. More than 100 Ignatius students (freshmen through seniors) come together to facilitate this event.
    • 服务于圣. 伦纳德的部门
    • Supporting and thanking healthcare workers by writing letters through Cards for a Cause
    • Assisting the elderly at 的 Admiral Retirement 首页 through Teen Tech Connect
    • 辅导成人和儿童
    • Experiences of peace and justice-making at sites like I-Grow, 街头俱乐部, 宝血部和解和更多!

    If interested in joining IVC, please contact the club moderator, Mr. 科里根(peter.corrigan@appraiserhuntsvillealabama.com).
  • 依纳爵家庭正义宣讲会

    的 依纳爵家庭正义宣讲会 is an annual gathering for members of the Ignatian family (Jesuit institutions and larger church) to come together in the context of social justice and solidarity to learn, 反映, 祈祷, 网络, 一起倡导. We gather each year in the spirit of the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador, using their lives and ministry as inspiration for discovering the injustices of today and how we might engage in them. 宣讲是一个人们被赋予权力的地方, 重新, 启发, challenged and supported by a community that sees faith and justice and integrally linked.

    的 Teach-In is a space for prophetic voices for solidarity with the economically poor, 被边缘化的, and the Earth who have an openness to an Ignatian approach to faith and justice. 的 Teach-In will take place on October 22-24, 2022 in Washington, DC. Saint Ignatius students will typically miss one day of school (be aware of the 20-day rule). All juniors and seniors in good standing are eligible to apply. 请与先生联络. 艾德Nuñez (ed.nunez@appraiserhuntsvillealabama.com)或. 科里根(peter.corrigan@appraiserhuntsvillealabama.com)如有兴趣.



  • 位置

    • La Salle Manor Retreat Center, 12480 Galena Road, Plano, IL 60545; phone (630) 552-3224
    • 洛约拉大学生态校园, 乡村俱乐部路2710号, 伍德斯托克, IL 60098; phone (815-338-1032)
    • Students leave the morning of 1st day and return at about 3:00 p.m. 翌日下午(缺课整整两天)
  • 日期

    • 2022年9月15日至16日(拉萨尔)
    • 2022年10月27-28日(拉萨尔)
    • 2023年1月5日至6日(拉萨尔)
    • 2023年1月26-27日(LUREC)
    • 2023年3月9日至10日(LUREC)
    • 2023年3月23-24日(LUREC)
    • 2023年4月20日至21日(拉萨尔)


For additional information on the 初级 Program, please contact our 初级 Chaplain, Ms. 蒂芙尼·斯旺-卡温顿 t.swann-covington@appraiserhuntsvillealabama.com.